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Premium Future

Equity Express has a huge customer base when it comes to trading in the Stock Future Premium. It is so because we have the least risky and highly accurate Stock Future Premium Tips that are offered to our clients. Explore Now

Standard Equity

There are a lot of points that need to be covered when you talk about trading in stock market. Equity Express provides you accurate tips related to the stock and share market with great accuracy percentile. Explore Now

Cash Premium Service

As soon as the word Premium gets attached to any kind of stock, it is commonly understood that you would have to make investments and purchase trades in bulk and multiple lots Explore Now

HNI Cash

HNI Cash: IN this unique service we will provide single intraday recommendation in HNI Cash for those clients or traders who want to trade once in a day and want higher return on daily basis.Explore Now

Crystal Cash Pack

This is our leading pack in Intraday Cash market segment. Clients who wish to trap every Bull & Bear run of the market can enroll for this pack. Under this pack we are generating 1 intraday cash Explore Now

HNI Stock Future

Hni Stock Future: In This Unique Service We Will Provide Single Intraday Recommendation In Hni Stock Future For Those Clients Or Traders Who Want To Trade Once In A Day And Want Higher Explore Now

Standard Stock Future

Whenever you invest in stock Future Market it is important that you know what has to be done with the stocks you hold at one party.Explore Now

Crystal Future Pack

This pack facilitates client who wants to capture every pit & peak movement of the market. Crystal pack is specially designed for Explore Now

BTST / STBT Service

This service is for traders who do not want to invest substantial time and effort in doing intraday trading, but are very eager to generate returns from Explore Now

Standard Option Service

Equity Express excels in providing the Option Tips to its customers. On the daily basis, that is in intraday this facility is being offered to the customers Explore Now

Option Premium Service

Just like any other premium service in the Option Premium Service, Equity Express would provide you tips which would provide you option tips which would Explore Now

HNI Option

HNI Option: IN this unique service we will provide single intraday recommendation in HNI Option for those clients or traders who want to trade once in a day and want higher return on daily basis Explore Now

Prime Positional Service

Prime Positional Service ( Holding Services ) : This service is basically designed for those traders who are not able to track the marke Explore Now

Standard Commodity

Many people are not aware about how trading can be done in the commodity sector and how big profits it can help you make Explore Now

Premium MCX

The premium package in MCX is for clients who want to work on intraday recommendations with bigger targets when compared with normal packages Explore Now


As the name suggests, this product is designed for an exclusive group of traders, who do heavy trading in MCX segments. In this product, the recommendation is provided in MCX segment Explore Now

Crystal Commodities Pack

This pack is especially for intraday traders who participate in every movement of the market. In this service we offer more and more calls in a day with least risk so that you can trade in multiple lots Explore Now

Base Metals + Energy

In this pack trading recommendations are given in copper, zinc, lead, aluminum, nickel and crude oil and natural gas. Less volatile traders who cannot trade in precious metals Explore Now

Bullion Premium Service

When we talk about the Bullion Premium, it is an obvious fact that here the targets are bigger in comparison to the normal packages and trades that Explore Now

Equity Express Precious 100

Gold is considered as a dearest commodity for HNI traders as it gives an opportunity to earn large amount of profit due to its high volatile nature. To consider Explore Now

Equity Express Precious 200

Silver is a precious metal and trader trade in this commodity with high volume. We have lunched precious 200 service for our premium class clients. In which Explore Now

Standard Agri Service

Many people must have invested in gold, silver and other similar metals and MCX but they would rarely think about putting in their money in Agri Commodity Market.It is due to the unawareness and risk related to it Explore Now

Agri Premium Service

There are several AgriCommodities like chana , jeera (cumin), castor seeds, soybean, soya oil, turmeric, cardamom etc in which you can deal with and incur huge profits with the help of our Agri Premium Tips Explore Now

Forex Service

In the recent years volume in currency trading has increased up to 10 times as traders find it comparatively low risk segment. Currency derivatives offers trading in pairs like Rupee-Dollar (USD-INR), Rupee-Great Britain Pound (GBP-INR) Explore Now

Nifty Future Service

Equity Express Provides tips to its clients who are interested in doing the trade in Nifty Future rather than in NSE and BSE Explore Now

Nifty Premium Service

As soon as the word Premium gets attached to any kind of stock, it is commonly understood that you would have to Explore Now

Prime Positional MCX

Prime MCX package is specially designed for traders who don't want to get involved in intraday trading and aim for long term return Explore Now

Customized Services

At Equity Express, Our professional team in consultation with our HNI research team approves the Customized Package for ultra HNI individuals based on several criteria, where we value HNI association with us. Platinum HNI Equity Assistant team in Equity Express is dealing with high net worth clients across India. These are clients who have trusted us for premium advices and have chosen us month over month based on highly professional and accurate recommendations that they receive from our team. Accuracy is the only strength which makes us lead from the competitors Explore Now

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